Mauritius + Reunion Surf Reports and Surf Forecasts

About Mauritius + Reunion

Smack bang in the path of the Roaring 40s swells heading across the Indian Ocean, the Mauritius and Réunion islands get their best and most consistent swell during the southern hemisphere winter. South-east trade winds blow for most of the year with some shifty conditions during the summer when winds will sometimes shift north-east, especially if tropical storms are heading from that direction. Both islands boast some classic reef set-ups with Réunion's St-Leu and Mauritius's Tamarin Bay being particular highlights. The latter supposedly suffering from heavy localism compounded by its inconsistency. The heaviest locals on both these islands are perhaps the sharks and attacks do happen. Sea temperatures range from 24 to 27ºC or 75 to 81ºF.