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Retreat Features

Mentawai Surf Retreat is nestled on 20 acres of beach front land on Nyang Nyang Island in the Northern Mentawai region. This region is known as the “Playgrounds” area, and the name says it all. The Mentawai Islands are Mother Nature’s gift to the surfing world.

The retreat has several world class waves within walking distance and over twenty epic breaks just a short boat ride away. We have access to a large variety of waves for all surfing levels; from mellow, peeling reef breaks to some of the heaviest barrels on the planet.

With a beach front, Northwest facing Restaurant and Bar nestled in the shade, private hillside bungalows set amongst coconut palms and tropical gardens, the outlook over Siberut Island creates breathtaking sunsets that make this the best setting in the Mentawais.

Mentawai Ocean-Front Bungalows

The Mentawai Surf Retreat consists of three comfortable, secure, and spacious hillside bungalows. Each handcrafted bungalow accommodates 2-3 guests, and is designed to soak in the ocean breeze to keep you cool.

Spacious En Suite Toilet & Bath

A beautiful indoor/outdoor en suite bath with tropical backdrop is at the rear of each bungalow. The large and spacious bathrooms have drop-down screens, western toilets, high pressure showers, and a separate entrance to help keep your bungalow clean and sand free.

Privacy & Comfort

All bungalows are spacious and private, providing a unique setting in paradise. Locally handcrafted, they combine the traditional Mentawai methods with the modern luxuries of the western world.

Private Deck & Incredible Views

Each bungalow boasts its own private deck for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Perched on a hillside, overlooking the surf with islands in the distance, you will experience the perfect backdrop for every sunset. These are the views postcards are made of…

Restaurant and Lounge

Three delicious meals are served each day around the guest’s schedule. The menu includes a variety of traditional Indonesian cuisine with a few western favorites. We can cater to special dietary needs by request, including vegetarian and gluten-free.

Cold refreshments and snacks will be provided for all surf missions. We realize the extreme importance of remaining hydrated out here so we will always ensure ample supply of fluids.

Beer & soda is available for purchase and is not included in the packaged price. You are more than welcome to bring your own duty free liquor!

Mentawai Surf Spots – Waves in the Northern Mentawai Islands


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