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North Oregon gets great surf when the conditions align, which unfortunately isn't very often. It is a rugged land of natural wonder with a decent variety of surf spots, each requiring specific conditions to turn on. Lack of swell is never a problem, though it can be an issue during the wintertime, when every spot is maxed out. Wind is the critical factor for finding good waves in Oregon and fortunately, the north coast provides some protection either side of the major protruding points, capes and headlands. Some spots are crowded and well known, while others are empty and rarely spoken of. Wetsuit technology has increased the surfing population, most of whom are friendly. Surfing in Oregon has been happening for decades, despite the frigid water and sharks. The city of Seaside, Oregon's first coastal resort, is home to the famous Seaside Point, reputed to be the best wave in the Pacific Northwest and the best lefthand pointbreak in North America.


  • Powerful consistent swells

  • Seaside point

  • Beautiful scenery

  • Spot variety


  • Swells often too big

  • Stormy climate

  • Cold water

  • Localism and sharks

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