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This region is called the Guanacaste Coast, and it covers most of the Nicoya Peninsula, from the Nicaraguan border in the north to Playa Coyote in the south. It is drier than other parts of the country due to strong Papagayo winds that blow half of the year. South-facing beachbreaks pick up smaller swells, better at mid-tide coming in; when it's big, head to the point and reefbreaks at lower tides. Of course, the dream trip is an hour boat ride to surf Witches Rock and Ollie's Point.

Source: Nosara Surf Guide

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Everyone seems to be happy sharing the consistent surf at Playa Guiones. There are some hidden pointbreaks in the area, and if you show up with five buddies you'll get some stink-eye.

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In the summer this is a favorite spot for surfers from the east coast. There are several peaks to choose from along two miles of beach, but the most consistent spots can have 20 surfers waiting for the same wave.

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Turning your back to the ocean.


Although the town is called Nosara, the wide-open beach area is referred to as Playa Guiones, where at the end of the road there is an informal lot. Many just park on the side of the road. The first 50 meters from the beach have been kept undeveloped to protect the fragile coast.

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