Nova Scotia Surfing

About Nova Scotia

Along with New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia belongs to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, where it is impossible to be more than 56km (35 mi) away from the sea. While most towns are located along the coast, the province's interior is pitted with thousands of lakes scattered among forests and rocky hills. Only a narrow isthmus connects Nova Scotia to mainland Canada and the Atlantic Ocean surrounds 10,500 km (6,500 miles) of coastline ranging from bays, inlets and cliffs to gravel or sand beaches. This rugged shoreline provides a wealth of pointbreaks, offshore reefs and plenty of beachbreaks, with a huge variety of wind and swell combinations.


  • Great hurricane swells

  • Break quality and diversity

  • Minimum crowds

  • Unspoilt coastline


  • Icy water temps

  • Harsh weather

  • Inconsistent summer

  • Rising location

Surf Spots