Oahu South Shore Surfing

About Oahu South Shore

Oahu is one of 8 Hawaiian islands located in the Pacific Ocean, about halfway between California and Japan. Although Oahu is only the third-largest island in the group, the vast majority of the state's population lives there. Oahu is thought of as paradise, with it's mix of spectacular, exotic scenery and the fantastic weather. Waikiki means 'spouting waters', is the state's tourism mecca and the place where Duke Kahanamoku helped to relaunch surfing a century ago. During summer (June-Sept), swells vary in height from 2-8ft (0.6-2.5m) and on very rare occasions, can get huge like in 1917, when Duke caught a 35ft (11+m) wave for a distance of 1.25 miles (2 km). Stretching from Duke Beach near the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the Duke statue on Kuhio Beach, hundreds if not thousands of all kinds of waveriders are in the surf almost every day of the year, enjoying the fun, user-friendly conditions, unlike the wild and dangerous North Shore.


  • Consistent all season swells

  • World?s surfing heritage

  • Beginner friendly Waikiki reefs

  • Highly entertaining

  • Perfect weather, unique scenery


  • Messy windswells

  • Intense crowds & locals

  • Some pollution & sharks

  • Long-haul Pacific flight

  • Expensive US destination

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