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Pichilemu, first surfed in 1983, quickly became a popular destination with surf travellers, because of the concentration of seemingly endless pointbreaks and a laid-back atmosphere in the small coastal town. Pichilemu has grown massively in the last decade and is now a popular summer resort for Chileans from Santiago. Meanwhile, the kilometre-long line-up of La Puntilla has treated many to the longest rides in the country, provided the sand is cooperating and linking it all up. This is a rare occurrence and most will find loping, sloping walls, barging down the point for triple figure sections inviting down the line scribes and hacks back to the power source in equal measure. The paddle-out is exhausting against the drift and many elect to walk after a long one. Gets unruly at size, but will still hold up through the deep channel in the bay.

Most people comment on how cold the water is here, so plenty of rubber is advised. There is a surf shop in town with decent stock and crowds are usually not a problem when it is working on more than just the faster outside section. Lots of locals, but generally a mellow scene since it is so consistent. Local activists helped shelve a plan to discharge sewage 1km from shore in a town that now relies on surf tourism to survive outside of the summer months.

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