About Piura

Most of the Peruvian coastline is chilled by the Humboldt Current and rocked by S swells, but the northwest corner of the country is an area that enjoys very different conditions. The waters in the north part of the Piura province are warmed up by the southern extremity of the Panama Current. The swell pattern is also different on this stretch of Peru's coast as it favours swells coming out of the N Pacific. However it's not as consistent as the rest of Peru and is only worth visiting in the middle of the N Hemisphere winter. At this time of year it can get quite busy with surfers from Lima coming up for Christmas. If it does go flat here, then it's only a short distance to the beaches exposed to the more consistent S swells.


  • Great lefts with good winds

  • Warm water, plenty of sun

  • Close to S swell exposure

  • Cheap


  • Short swell season

  • Fairly inconsistent

  • Basic lodging and food

Surf Spots