About Ponta Paul

A rarely surfed wave due to its high danger factor. The point is visible from the coastal road in Paul do Mar, and looks deceptively rideable when it breaks. Very fast and hollow and breaks almost on the rocks. On a big swell it can produce mind-bending monster barrels. To add to its difficulty level it starts off a freight train and just keeps on going, making it nearly impossible to paddle into. If you don't make a section or the drop, you're on the rocks, guaranteed.

A few people have reputedly surfed this wave over the years. There have also been some very close calls with others who have attempted it and failed.

At the very northern end of the town.

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Stormrider Guide for Ponta Paul
  • Low to Mid Tide Low to Mid Tide
  • Right-hand Pointbreak Right-hand Pointbreak
  • Boulders Boulders
  • W - N W - N
  • Northerly Northerly
  • 25 10 Swell Range 10 - 25ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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