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By The Magicseaweed.com Team
15th October 2007

Pros Website Delivers Daily Forecasts

MUNDAKA, Spain, October 5 - The Top 45 surfers in the world are using their own site Worldprosurfers.com to bring daily local swell reports to viewers all over the globe.

World Professional Surfers CEO Jake Paterson says: 'Pretty much wherever you live - from the Gold Coast to the Ivory Coast - you can go to our site and check what's happening at your local, without paying a cent.'

The pros have been tailoring the swell report function with meteorological buffs from Magic Seaweed for over six months, and according to Jake: 'The deal seemed logical, they're the best at what they do and they're truly international, just like us.

'These guys have built a solid rep by sticking to being useful, they don't believe in exposing breaks, but just providing extremely high-tech data and making it easy to use.'

Current World #6 Pancho Sullivan adds: 'The reports are dead accurate and allow surfers to get involved and customise their personal settings, while checking out what we've been up to each day as well.'
It's a win-win situation for Magic Seaweed according to MSW director Ryan Anderson: 'In return, we get to run news and exclusives from the pros on our site, which is a bit of a coup. It's a way we can both extend our reach.'

'We have a huge amount of traffic each month and there's heavy demand for us in running exclusives from the best surfers in the world; the blogs, free surfing and other behind-the-scenes gold.'

Submitted By The Magicseaweed.com Team on the 15th October 2007.
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