About Rag's Right

Toothy right with a bite to match it’s intimidating bark, this is close to the gnarliest wave in the Ments. Starts with a beyond vert, no mistakes, quick-as-you-can take-off followed by undulating, sometimes square barrels vortexing down a featureless reef where eventually the coral heads are going to appear in the exit. Even experienced surfers will struggle with the endless tube-time over barely damp, beautifully sharp coral, plus the need for constant speed and readjustment behind the curtain. Low tide is suicide (suitide?) and it seems to hug the reef better in more S swells. North quadrant winds or glassy and crowds wont be a problem here - ever!

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  • Stormrider Guide for Rag's Right
  • Mid to High Tide Mid to High Tide
  • Right-hand break over submerged reef Right-hand break over submerged reef
  • Sand Sand
  • S - SW S - SW
  • Northerly Northerly
  • 12 4 Swell Range 4 - 12ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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