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About Santa Cruz County - North

Let's cruise to Santa Cruz with its right point breaks, coves, rivermouths and beach breaks
For surfers, California stands alone as a mythical destination, for the many of us who have grown up absorbing its image through the surf media, a visit here can feel like a home coming. However, this mental image tends to relate more to southern California, between San Diego and Santa Barbara, than the green rugged coastline around Santa Cruz.
120k's (75mi) South of San Francisco is Monterey Bay and its beautiful underwater canyon, while the Monterey/Carmel peninsula feels much like anywhere else in central California, Santa Cruz has a unique laid-back style with many pretty neighbourhoods.


  • Wide swell window

  • Spot variety

  • Dominant offshores

  • Laid back Santa Cruz

  • Easy access and lodging


  • Cold water year round

  • Chilly winter temps

  • Competitive crowds

  • Sharks

Surf Spots