Shandong Surfing

About Shandong

The northeastern Chinese province of Shandong is rich in culture, particularly related to Confucianism and Taoism. The province was home to Confucius, contains Mount Tai (the most revered mountain in Taoism), and saw major development of Chinese culture throughout the centuries along the banks and mouth of the Yellow River. Today, Shandong is the third wealthiest province in China, and the sixth most populous subnational entity in the world. Shandong sits on the Yellow Sea and is largely tucked behind South Korea and southern Japan, which equates to a relatively small swell window. That being said, it is home to a number of established surf spots, including Wan Ping Ku, Shilaoren Beach, and Golden Sand Beach and Silver Sand Beach on Huandao peninsula. Virtually all of the waves in this region are beach breaks that require wind swell or typhoons tracking north toward Korea and Japan through the Yellow Sea’s swell window.

Surf Spots