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A few quality reefs lie at the end of a scenic, 24-mile drive west from Redway. Southwest-facing, Shelter Cove is primo in spring and autumn, blown-out during most of the winter, and generally small in the summer. As the cove is crescent-shaped, it can be triple-overhead off Point Delgada but chest-high near the boat ramp. Deadman's is the most popular surf spot in Shelter Cove. Third Reef lies smack-dab between Deadman's and No Pass, requiring a larger swell and a low tide to work properly. Long rights and lefts here, with the rights usually being a tad slower than the lefts. Just south of that is No Pass, a lefthander that peels along a horseshoe reef. Further south and requiring a brief paddle around No Pass and a walk down the beach is the celebrated Gale Point, a rocky righthand pointbreak of much repute.

Source: Shelter Cove Surf Guide

Ability Level

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Unpleasant, generally.

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Be prepared to share.

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Not too bad.

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Clean Dirty


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Oh, yes, Whitey is here in full force.


Take U.S. Highway 101 to the Redway-Shelter Cove exit then drive through Redway and enter onto Briceland Road, at the north end of town. It's a long, twisting drive to Shelter Cove and you have to walk to all the surf spots.

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Shortboard, funboard, longboard, fish



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