Shikoku Surfing

About Shikoku

The islands of Japan are strung out across the NW corner of the wave rich Pacific, yet very few surfers will ever visit these interesting shores. The cost factor is enough to put most people off, but add in heavy crowds, intense industrialisation, an utterly alien culture and inconsistent waves, then it's hardly surprising that few foreign surfers ever make the effort. For those who have enough money and can handle the flat spells, then Japan can be a rewarding surf destination. Amongst the best places in the country to head for is Shikoku, Japan's fourth largest island. Shikoku is made up of four provinces and exudes quintessential Japan; water gardens full of temples, traditional fishing harbours, and crystal clear rivers meandering through open countryside. The exposed SE facing coastline crosses the Kochi and Tokushima provinces, where the abundant rainfall feeds numerous rivers. When these rivers spill into the sea, they help to form decent sandbanks for the typhoon generated swells to break on, resulting in some grinding righthand rivermouth breaks.


  • World class rivermouth waves

  • Warm water in the surf season

  • Laid back ambience

  • Amazing cultural season


  • Inconsistent rivermouth swells

  • Flat winters

  • Relatively wet climate

  • Very high living cost

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