About Short Sands

Short Sands is short on swell direction options, but when a decent NE swell hits, this is one of the most powerful beachbreaks in Maine. It used to be a high tide only spot, but the sand is very susceptible to change, and it could be working at any stage of tide. Refraction off the surrounding rocks causes a real wedgy peak to jack up, giving short rights and longer barreling lefts into the beach. A difficult wave that always punishes the unwary.

Although Short Sands is in a State Park, there is a total blanket ban on surfing at this beach in summer. Winter, they are less interested in ticketing your car or calling the Coast Guard to remove you from the line-up. Because of this, and its medium consistency rating, there is rarely a crowd here, but there is always a current, plus the possibility of stormwater runout.

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