Siargao Surfing

About Siargao

The 7,107 islands of the Philippines in many ways form a parallel to Indonesia. The quality of the reefs is similar, the climate much the same and the beaches as beautiful. It differs only in swell consistency. The Philippines lies at the W end of the Pacific and relies on E swells, which are generated by typhoons travelling along the E Asian coastline from July to Dec. A deep-water trench and a better swell exposure make the SE area of the Philippines the prime wave theatre. Discovered in the early '80s. It's a remote place, surrounded by many unexplored islands and feels a lot like Bali in the '70s. There are many world class reefs on the 27km (17mi) of coastline exposed to swell on Siargao. A few of the spots are outside reefs that can only be accessed by boat. General Luna is a good place to be based during the SW monsoon and Pilar is better during the NE trades.


  • World class reefs

  • Plenty of uncrowded spots

  • Tropical conditions

  • Cheap living costs


  • Generally small surf

  • Long flat spells

  • Long transfer journey

  • Political instability

Surf Spots