South Lombok Surfing

About South Lombok

Only 35km (22mi) east of Bali at its closest point, Lombok is inevitably compared to its famous westernized neighbour, although major physical, cultural, linguistic and religious differences exist. It also contrasts quite markedly for the visitor, with less widespread tourist facilities, sparser public transport and simpler accommodation. The deep strait separating Bali from Lombok marks part of the 'Wallace Line', an established physical division between Asia and Australia. Bali is green with lush, tropical vegetation, while equatorial Lombok is drier, more rugged, with completely different flora and fauna. While the mountainous north rises to 3726m (12,224ft) at the top of Mount Rinjani, the south is a range of low inland hills spread behind the sweeping bays and pure white sands of the southern beaches. In terms of location, most surf breaks are truly breathtaking, but are generally regarded as of lower quality or intensity than Bali's, with the notable exception of Desert Point, elected Best Wave in the World by Tracks magazine's readers.


  • Voted worlds best wave

  • Consistent year-round surf

  • Great scenery

  • No mass tourism

  • Cheap lodging and food


  • Overcrowded desert point

  • Only one outstanding break

  • Hard access to Eastern spots

  • Lack of accommodation outside Kuta

Surf Spots