Southwest Madagascar Surfing

About Southwest Madagascar

While the airport accessible Fort-Dauphin and Tulear have appeared in the surf press since the '80s, the stretch of coast in between has long remained a mystery, thanks to the sheer degree of difficulty to get there. The main road RN 10, is no more than a dirt road full of potholes. It takes at least 40 hours for the Taxi-Brousse, the local bus, to go from Tulear to Fort-Dauphin, which is only 626km (389mi), but that's only if you're lucky and things go according to schedule. Some nightmare trips have taken a week! Furthermore, to get to the coastal villages of Androka, Itampolo or Lavanono requires hitchhiking a lift with the water-tanker or lobster dealer trucks, otherwise there's only the zebu-cow carts and they only go 5km/h. Don't try to use sailing pirogues between villages, as it might take days to cover dozens of nautical miles! Travel problems aside, there are undoubtedly some quality coral reefs and even a fun beachbreak to be savoured, along with the slow pace of life in this harsh, desert environment.


  • Quality left reefbreaks

  • Unique desert surroundings

  • Long, virgin, mellow waves

  • Perfect photographic light

  • Unreal ?back in time? experience


  • Strong SE trades

  • Transport nightmare

  • Extremely remote villages

  • Lack of infrastructure

  • Pricey domestic flights

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