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We provide surf tours of the uncrowded waves in central Nicaragua, plus surf lessons, fishing and adventure tours.

We are Central Nicaragua’s original and best Surf Camp and Surf Tour operator – our guides and staff are the most experienced and professional in all of Nicaragua, hands down. To get uncrowded waves in Nicaragua don’t be fooled by the rest when you want the best of your surf trip to Nicaragua.

Our experience means we know more spots and the best times to get you to them to ensure you get uncrowded and empty lineups. We also have secret surf spots that only we know about! Surf conditions in Nicaragua are very dependent on tides, swell directions, wind velocity and direction as well as other variables. We know the right formulas to interpret those variable in order to get you on the best waves Nicaragua has to offer every day!

We keep our operation small – max. 11 surfers if multiple groups, or 17+ for cohesive groups – to ensure that central Nicaragua remains uncrowded unlike southern Nicaragua (Popoyo, Rivas, Tola, and San Juan Del Sur have a daily surfing population in the hundreds…our area at its busiest times might have a total of 50 surfers in the entire area including locals! If you want empty lineups the central coast is the answer).

We are the closest operation to the airport in Managua (MGA), allowing you to maximize your Nicaragua surf time during your Nicaragua surf tour. We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. With a 1.25 hour travel time from doorstep to airport, all on newly constructed cement roads, we are much more accessible than the 2.5 hour ride on bad roads to access southern Nicaragua.


Imagine a surf trip where you have the “local knowledge” that will allow you to surf top-quality, uncrowded waves each day of your adventure. Surf Tours Nicaragua gets you access to some of the best waves of your life that would be all-but impossible to find on your own, not to mention a huge hassle! No rental cars needed, no police shakedowns, no price haggling, no arranging boat rides with fishermen on questionably sea worthy boats, no getting lost, no language barriers, no food shopping, no cooking, no cleaning, just a smooth yet culturaly rich Central American surf vacation. All the good stuff with none of the bad.


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Surf Camp Surf camps can offer a variety of types of accommodation such as apartments, hotels, rooms, camping or dormitories together with food, surf lessons and group activities. Often included are guided surf tours of the best local spots along with surf hire, videos, photography, professional coaching and even some night life. Accommodation Surfer friendly places to stay near some great surf spots. Including camp-sites, hostels, hotels, B&Bs and surf lodges. Local Information Information about the local area, not always from a surfers perspective. Surf Guide Guided Surf Tours Experienced guides with local knowledge who offer surf trips and tours to the best breaks and secret spots by boat, 4x4 or bus.