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4th April 2006

Surfing around Cape Kiwanda and Pacific City

There are three areas to surf here:
  1. The point off of the cape breaks occasionally depending on the formation of sandbars. When it does it is really good. It is a right break and is best at the neap tide (outgoing tide an hour or two before low tide). This is true for all areas here.
  2. There is a beach break (sandbar) south of the point. It is good for beginners to intermediate and is usually inconsistent but is forgiving because of the shifting bars. Lefts and rights.
  3. "Gas Chambers" is located directly in front of "Haystack Rock" and south of the main parking lot. There is a strong longshore current here usually so paddle out north of it (sucks south so you will end up right in the lineup). Constant positioning is necessary. Only intermediate to advanced surfers. The waves here are thumpy and steep, but hollow and fast. Large swell days is scary - only advanced or expert surfers during big swell. Often close-outs during large west swell. Lefts and rights.
Generally, this area has something for every surfer. It is big and knarly in the winter and small and tame in the summer. Wind is an issue in summer months (especially sunny days). Sharks have also been sighted on a yearly basis (Whites).

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