Tahiti and Moorea Surfing

About Tahiti and Moorea

Tahiti sits at the centre of French Polynesia and now, thanks to the relatively recent discovery and media glut coverage of a scary reef-pass wave, it sits firmly at the centre of the surfing universe. Comprising of about 118 small islands spread out over five archipelago's, (Société Islands including Tahiti, Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and Tubuai), and covering an area of ocean the size of Europe, the scope for perfect waves is unlimited. There are dozens of islands in this chain that receive classic waves, which more often than not go unridden. On the whole the quality of the spots is exceptional and the waves are varied.


  • powerful consistent waves year round

  • Barrels!

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Chilled out island lifestyle


  • Very expensive

  • Difficult access

  • Localism at some spots

Surf Spots