Tao de Libertad

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www.taodelibertadretreats.com Siargao Island
Surigao Del Norte
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We believe happiness comes from Flow and connecting to nature and ourselves. We offer people looking for an immersive personal experience the opportunity to create space and flow in their minds and bodies. Through physical pursuits such as surfing and martial arts; and spiritual pursuits such as meditation and Chi Kung, Tao de Libertad offers a unique experience unlike any other in the world.

Our purpose is to provide our guests with a stunning retreat facility where they can learn and immerse themselves in activities designed to bring physical, mental and emotional balance and harmony. Tao de Libertad is the beginning of a journey…..All you have to do is to step on the path.


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Surf Camp Surf camps can offer a variety of types of accommodation such as apartments, hotels, rooms, camping or dormitories together with food, surf lessons and group activities. Often included are guided surf tours of the best local spots along with surf hire, videos, photography, professional coaching and even some night life.