Texas Surfing

About Texas

The Texas coastline accounts for a good proportion of the USA's beaches on the massive Gulf of Mexico, referred to by surfers as the Third Coast. The state may not be first choice when planning a USA surf trip, but should not be overlooked altogether. Its 600km of low-lying coastline are all beaches with a continuous string of barrier islands receiving regular windswell and occasional hurricane swell from the Gulf. There are numerous passes, inlets, piers and jetties, providing the focus for waves along the endless, featureless strands. The intracoastal waterway creates access difficulties away from the bridges and ferries, but 4WD's are permitted on many of the beaches, which all belong to the public. Galveston is Texas' original surfing hub, where it all began in the early 1930s despite the realization that there is much better potential further south.


  • Warm water

  • Some uncrowded breaks

  • Friendly locals

  • Nice climate


  • Small, short lived swells

  • Rare offshore winds

  • Difficult barrier island access

  • Spring break crowds

Surf Spots