Thorli (Porlackshöfn) Spot Guide

About Thorli (Porlackshöfn)

Thorli is the most surfed place in Iceland, thanks to its deep paddling channel (no duckdiving!) and ability to handle all swells above chest high. Crumbly cutback corners when small turn into really long, workable walls at size. Rarely perfect, never closes out and 40 second rides are possible, with a few inside sections known to locals as siggi´s point wall up again and again.

Crowded in Iceland means rarely. Beware of strong currents and unidentified, smelly, frothy stuff that has become known as the whale sperm from Thorli. Source is probably the fish factory that spoils the stunning mountain scenery. Drive straight through Thorlakshofn toward the lighthouse

Take highway one out of reykjavík. About 15 minutes out of reykjavik you make a right turn to Thorlakshofn. Drive that road for another 15-20 minutes to Thorlakshofn. Drive straight through the town toward the lighthouse.

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