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Thunderbomb Surfcamp

At ThunderBomb surf camp, you will have a once in a life time, mind blowing surf experience. Why not get uncrowded waves with luxury accommodations? With our surf vehicles and local boat captains you will have the freedom to surf more than just the beach out front. Here you can surf world-class waves, get barreled at "The Boom", carve epic points, or even learn to surf without the crowds that plague the beaches of Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua. Need a photographer to capture your dream vacation? We have all the equipment and access to local and international surf photographers. Whether you are looking to book an all-inclusive guided surf tour, learn to surf, or book a vacation rental, ThunderBomb Surf Camp in northern Nicaragua is the place for you!


ThunderBomb Surf Camp is directly located on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria Del Mar and was designed to have an appearance of a small resort without taking away the home away from home feel. With 5 separate houses on a small property you will have all the privacy in the world with only steps away from the large tiki bar and ocean. For our chefs we have a separate house holding a large restaurant class kitchen. With the exception of the unique tiki bar loft all our rooms have the luxury of A/C and television. Did I mention the tiki? It is our center point and located directly on the water. This large space houses hammocks, a yoga platform for practicing or learning, large round tables for dinner or playing games and an inviting bar with friendly helpers. Our Camp was designed for the addicted surfer keeping in mind a great ambience for a family vacation or group surf trip. With our green surroundings and great sunsets we hope you make it home yearning to return to ThunderBomb Surf Camp

A Typical Day

For all you hardcore surfers out there we aim to please! Early wake up, yoga /fruit /toast /coffee, transportation to local breaks or long distance breaks, then big breakfast, 2nd session at ideal spots, tasty lunch, sunset session, chill time, and then a great dinner, hang out with us, the locals or get ready to do it all again tomorrow with a good nights sleep!



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