Some unexpected uses for a rice cooker

I am sure that you mostly use your rice cooker just to cook rice, and if so, then you’ve probably missed out a lot. A rice cooker can do more than just cooking rice. Below are some foods that you can whip up with the rice cooker. Regardless of whether it is a normal cooker or a high-end one that is the currently the Best Consumer Products products on the market – it is all the same.

Boiled egg

A boiled egg is probably the easiest dish you can make. Just put an egg or more into a pot filled with water and boil them for a few minutes. Then you carefully take them out and peel the shell off. You have a great boiled egg dish.

You can do the exact same thing with a rice cooker, but safer, faster. and the egg is more likely to come out soft or medium-boiled, which can be counted as a gareat dish. The principle behind this is that instead of boiling, you steam them. Yes – use a steamer basket that can fit in your cooker then fill the pot with a medium amount of water. Put your eggs in the basket, and start the cooker. Now, wait for a few minutes, and you are done. A delicious dish of boiled eggs is ready to serve.

Mac and cheese

Normally, you would need an oven to make the dish, but you can also make one with a rice cooker. Prepare any necessary ingredients like in a normal recipe: dried pasta, chicken broth, some vegetables (if you like), 1 cup of milk, and a few slices of cheese.

Put the dried pasta together with the broth into the cooker, and then season with some salt. Turn on the cooker, and let it run for about 15 minutes. Open the lid quickly to stir the ingredients, so that the pasta is not scorched at the bottom. If you wish to add vegetables, you can put them in at this point after you have prepped them.

Wait for a bit more, then add the milk and cheese, together with any add-ins you want. Close the lid, and let it cook for around 10 minutes. After the cheese has melted and the milk has been absorbed, viola – a home-made mac and cheese is ready.

Rice cooker bread

You probably didn't think that your rice cooker can make bread, right? Well, you can make a special bread that is extra big with a rice cooker. You can check the recipe for a more information and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make one on

Prepare the ingredients that are used to make the bread – flour, yeast, milk, butter, seasoning, and water.

Put the yeast into warm water, and let it stand for around 10 minutes.

Mix the flour, some salt and sugar, milk, and the yeast mixture directly in the cooker bowl. After that, form the dough into a ball after kneading for around 10 minutes. Add the butter as you knead the dough.

Let the dough sit in the rice cooker bowl in a warm area for around 1 hour. After waiting, lift the dough and toss it back with some force then let it sit for another 1 hour. You should be ready to bake now.

Run the cooker for 1 hour, but make sure to check after 30 minutes, because you don't want to burn the dough, as every cooker has a different temperature, after all. This will take some practice before you can handle it flawlessly. Flip the dough over after the set time and bake with the same amount of time. Do this twice, and the bread will be ready to serve.

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Giant pancake

If you are not a big fan of complicated cooking like above, you can try using pancake flour instead; it is much easier and faster to make. Take the pancake flour and mix in milk and some seasoning to make your pancake batter. Put the batter into the rice cooker, then run it. After waiting for a while, the pancake should be ready.

Pork roast

Usually, people use slow cookers to make a pork roast, but we can do the same with a rice cooker since there is an option of keeping the pot warm. Put in a pork roast with any seasoning, and let it sit in the cooker for an hour. The result should be satisfactory.


There are many ways to make different dishes by utilizing a rice cooker. By doing so, you can create a variety of meals – not just rice only. Yes, you could just do it with other kitchen appliances, but it is more fun this way, and sometimes, you cannot afford those gadgets. A note to remember is that if your rice cooker is rice exclusive, then you cannot do any of the things mentioned above. Be sure to check the  Best product reviews or Amazon products to make sure the model you plan to purchase is not a rice-only cooker. You might also find some other unexpected recipes in some of the Amazon review pages.

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