From london originally england . Lived in hawaii , melbourne sydney , surfers australia .Bali indonesia , los angeles san diego usa . In which i surfed most of them places . At some piont in time i started body surfing , whilst i was still surfing , but really found my passion in body surfing . I think i was the fact that i was never really that good a surfer , and did come across an acident surfing pipe north shore one time and that scared the bjesus out of me , so making the transition to body surfing was cool , cus i didnt like the whole leash thing any more , i also recently last couple of years took to buying a cheap boogie board just to try it out , and found i pregressed to a level in which i could get into some heavy duty waves a bit more . Especially out where i now live ont he east coast canada nova scotia , and my local beach is favoured by beach breaks and makes it easy for me to just use the sponge , allthough i still think to body surf , gives me a better sense of freedom and credibilty i like with one in the ocean and mother nature . I love my my makapuu fins the best things i own love em literally . I shure miss the tropical beach breaks though . Warm waters and running in the hot sand could do that every day for the rest of my life . career wise i was originally a hairdresser , but went into jewelry design street performance and then music for 15 years professionally until i finally re schooled myself latley and went back into hair . I now work in organic hair , and preventative hairdressing , we also make our own shampoo conditioner , moisteriser and other great natural products ,please feel free to check out my website motto it dont matter what ya doing as long as your doing something especially something that envolves ocean peace n love

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