Venice Beach local (POP Pier) '59 til burnt down in '67? Moved to Alaska in 69, then Washington in '74. Mostly rode Charlie Street, P.A.Pt., Whtby,Neah, Wstprt,BC, ShtSds,& Seas'd during those years. Much the same today but still learning how to deal w/crowds rather than hoping for company. Current member of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Race Team (Hui Hei Hei Wa'a). Lived at Velzyland in 1-Arm John's cabins & Waimea's Roach Road '68, Had cabin in northern Mexico for 15 years. Lots of midnight surfing (using floating white milk jugs to rise & fall indicating incoming swells. Built surfboards in early 70's with plexiglass see-thru peekholes but they fogged. Currently teach high school photography.

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