Vancouver Island Surfing

About Vancouver Island

Canada has the world's longest coastline and with 52,455 islands, it should also host the largest number of surf spots. However, being located so far north between 45° to 80° latitude, frozen water is an issue as well as a regular swell supply. So far, surfers have been exploring the southern corners of this vast country, finding Nova Scotia on the eastern seaboard and Vancouver Island to the west well endowed with some quality reefs, points and beaches. Literally hundreds of spots exist along the remote nooks and crannies of Vancouver Island, but access is challenging without a boat or seaplane, which is how the experts like Tatchu Surf Adventures manage to get surfers to the northern areas of the Brooks Peninsula, Nootka Island and the Hesquiat Peninsula. There is, however, 2 areas of easy road access to the surf at Tofino and inside the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Blessed with some reliable beachbreaks, Tofino is the closest thing to a surf town on the west coast and is home to about 1,700 friendly residents who have embraced high-end ecotourism with luxurious amenities. Points and reefs are a feature of the stretch inside the Strait, coming to life with strong winter swells. Stunning old-growth temperate rainforests provide the backdrop to the breathtaking beaches. In recent years, locals like Peter Devries and the Bruhwiler brothers have proved that you can do all the warm water tricks in full winter kit, prompting more people each year to don some rubber and hit the waves in this spectacular natural environment.

Surf Spots