About Vezo Reefs

Measuring 1600km (1000mi) in length and 650km (406mi) across at its widest, Madagascar is the world's 4th largest island. A mountainous central 'spine' separates the permanently damp east from the drier west and sub-desert south. Omitted as a surfing location due to its reputation for sharks (mainly on the east coast), it has only recently hit the surfing world's consciousness. With nearly 5000km (3125mi) of coastline, there is huge potential, especially along the 1,000km (625mi) strip between Fort-Dauphin and Morombe. This stretch has a 270° swell window, facing directly into the SW swells with mainly offshore conditions. Thanks to the harbour at Tulear, the 700km (438mi) of varied coral reef has become accessible by charter boat. This region of the island consists of two barrier reefs, two coral banks, three lagoon reefs and a fringing reef.


  • World class coral reefs

  • Consistent swells

  • Deserted spots

  • Dirt cheap local costs


  • Erratic tradewinds

  • Lack of beachbreaks

  • Undeveloped infastructure

  • Expensive flights and transport

Surf Spots