West Coast District Surfing

About West Coast District

Divided between the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, South Africa's 2800kms (1750miles) of time eroded coastline creates an underrated surf destination of quality, consistent waves. While there is a tremendous proliferation of right pointbreaks on the East Coast, don't forget about the Atlantic West Coast north of Cape Town. The shivering cold Benguela Current, which brings colder water temps in summer than winter, also acts as a highway for swells to arrive at several kelp-covered, north-facing, left pointbreaks tucked behind headlands. The late John Whitmore, considered the father of South African surfing discovered Eland's Bay in 1957 and retired there. It has become a popular exit for Capetonian waveriders, whenever there is some significant swell action and there are plenty of other possibilities south of the mountainous Namaqualand area.


  • Variety of left pointbreaks

  • Some easy mellow waves

  • Cheap and uncrowded

  • Scenery and wildlife


  • Few consistent spots

  • Cold water year round

  • Kelp and mussels

  • Lack of tourism infrastructure

Surf Spots