West Sumbawa Surfing

About West Sumbawa

The deepwater trench on the eastern side of Bali heralds the beginning of the Nusa Tenggara islands, which sprawl all the way to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. Charles Darwin noted the flora and fauna were from a totally different world, more akin to Australia than Asia. Nusa Tenggara's, (The Eastern Islands) climate is far drier, supporting a brown landscape of scrub and bush, unlike the lush jungles to the west. Fortunately, the one thing Nusa Tenggara has in common with the rest of Indo is plenty of epic waves. For a decade and a half, charter-boats have been plying the coasts of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Savu and Roti. Surf camps have sprung up on the E and S coasts of Lombok and the Lakai area of Sumbawa, drawing ever greater numbers to these fascinating surf shores.


  • Consistent swells

  • World class waves

  • Semi-crowded at the worst

  • Explore other islands


  • SE Trade wind resticts choice

  • Slow overland access

  • Lack of alternative activities

  • Lack of cultural sites

Surf Spots