Winki Pop / Fairy Bower Spot Guide

About Winki Pop / Fairy Bower

Manly’s southern headland is home to Winki Pop and Fairy Bower, consistent, quality righthand pointbreaks that handle big swells from most directions. Winki Pop hits a shelf directly in front of the cliffs and sucks hard, making the drop and race to the corner an experts only pursuit. Winki's starts at the tip of the point and bends beautifully round the headland into the Racetrack section before petering out in deep water off Shelley Beach. There are even scarier options for the bona fide hellmen a little south of here and is definitely a spectator sport for most. South quadrant winds, lower tides to avoid any bounce off the cliffs and enough height to break clear of the rocks.

Rabid crowd always ready to spin and go if you fall, or even if you don't. Cliff-top carpark gets packed with peanut gallery when a big swell hits.

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Stormrider Guide for Winki Pop / Fairy Bower
  • Low to Mid Tide Low to Mid Tide
  • Right-hand Pointbreak Right-hand Pointbreak
  • Rock Ledge Rock Ledge
  • NE - S NE - S
  • South Westerly South Westerly
  • 20 4 Swell Range 4 - 20ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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