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About Us

Zen Surf Morocco welcomes you in our dream location in the south of Morocco for the ultimate surfing and cultural experience. We are proud to offer our customers stress-free surfing holidays for every needs and every level, to make sure you catch the essence of surfing in Morocco. Located right on the beach and surrounded by banana fields, our surf camp offers modern amenities and european standards, and we will make sure you will spend an unforgettable time with us, making the most of the great waves this coast has to offer.

The Surf Camp

Just 40 minutes from Agadir airport, you will be welcomed in our beach house facing the ocean in Banana Village, with an unbeatable view on the famous Banana Point surf break. Whether you’d like to relax in our large moroccan living room, lay down on a deck chair on the terrace or have a mint tea on the balcony watching our gorgeous sunsets on the ocean, we will make sure you feel at home during your stay.

The Packages

Whether you are a full beginner willing to learn or an experienced surfer willing to discover the breaks of our coastline, be sure that there is a package for you. Once you’ve chosen the one matching your expectations, our team of friendly surf coaches and surf guides will do the rest to make sure you surf the right spot at the right time according to your level. Our coast has everything a surfer dreams of, from powerful point breaks to easy beach breaks that accommodate all levels.

Our Location

Zen Surf Morocco welcomes you in the most laid-back place in the whole area of North Agadir. We are wonderfully located right on Banana Beach in front of the renowned Banana Point, a great spot for both beginners and experimented surfers. The North of Agadir has a unique coastline hosting some of the best waves Morocco has to offer, from the world-famous Anchor Point and its powerful right-hander to the relaxed Imsouane Bay for longboarders. The region is blessed with outstanding warm weather (more than 300 days of sunshine a year) making it possible to walk around in T-shirts and boardshots in the middle of winter. Take advantage of our beach house surrounded by sand and banana fields and immerse yourself in the rich moroccan culture while staying in an accommodation with european standards.

The Surrounding Surf Spots

Our location is quite unique for the surf spots around accessible in less than 5 minutes walk, mainly Banana Point, but not only. Banana Point is a classic spot offering a combination of advantages that few other spots have: a friendly atmosphere in the water, a perfect shool wave that is long, forgiving and easy to ride, and, when it gets big, one of the best point break in the area. Because riding a solid Banana Point is an unforgettable memory and requires good surfing skills. We also have two other spots on the same beach: Douze and Onze. Douze is a nice lefthander with a steep take-off that gets quite mellow afterwards. It also offers a righthander which can get really good. Onze offers quite the same set-up, but with an even steeper take-off, for more experienced surfers, and can deliver amazing rides. All these spots are immediately accessible within a very short walk. The lucky ones choosing the surf guiding package will be guided to the best working spots in the North Agadir area: Anchor Point, Killer Point, Mysteries, Boiler’s, etc…


Yoga has proved its efficiency on the body and soul for centuries and is a great complement to surfing. Many pro surfers practice it on a daily basis to improve their concentration, flexibility and physical abilities to paddle longer and surf better. At Zen Surf Morocco, we practice "Hatha" yoga asanas which make you more efficient, more flexible and improve concentration. The sunrise session will be dedicated to waking up your body and prepare it for a full day of surfing, which can be quite intense for your organism. Preparing your muscles is very helpful and helps to be more fit. The breathing exercices will make your paddle more efficient. The sunset session will be dedicated to relaxing your body and releasing all the tensions after a hard day of surfing, and will help your muscles recover faster to prevent injuries. Practice yoga with us and we guarantee you will spend "zen holidays"!

The Taghazout Area

The North of Agadir hosts picturesque berbère villages, namely Aourir, Tamraght and Taghazout, the latter being considered as Morocco’s surfing “Mecca”. The atmosphere in this area and the kindness of local people will make you feel in another world, away from the stressful way of life of big european cities, making sure you spend relaxing and unforgettable holidays. The region is culturally rich, and when out of the water you will be able to make the most of the delicious moroccan cuisine and maybe enjoy a massage, go to the hammam or visit the Agadir souk (market) to take a beautiful piece of moroccan handicraft back home.


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