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Brand New Photo Section and Tides

by Gavin Cooper on Thursday 8th August, 2012

After last week's update, which comprised mostly of bug fixes, we are stoked to release a few new features that we've been working on today. First up we are marking the end of the photo section rebuild with brand new photo homepage, 'Our Pick' and 'Photo of the Day' pages. Secondly to continue the transformation of the spot pages we've greatly improved the tide page. 


With this week's update comes another feature bump for our Pro users. Infinite Tides. We've rebuilt the tide pages and now our Pro users can access the tides for practically anytime (within 1970-2038) for all our 4k+ spots.

Photo Section

We've slowly been making our way through a complete overhaul of the photo section. This week we are releasing new: Homepage, Our Pick and Photo of the Day pages. We hope you like them.

Photo Home

We've rebuilt the Photo Home with an emphasis on what's trending on the website right now. We've made it super-easy to see the hottest content selected by you the user and our editors. We open the page with a great horizontal timeline looking back at some of the best photos over the last two weeks. Next up we show you the best and most recent photos trending across the website right now. Bookended by the most popular photographers of the moment (the previous month) and then finally the top surf photos of the last month.

Our Pick

Every day our editorial team religiously moderate each photo to make sure it meets our guidelines. If there's anyone who knows a great photo when they see one it's these guys. Our pick showcases in chronological order every photo we've selected as one of the greats for a given day. Click "Load More" and you'll enter infinity mode which will continue to load more and more photos as you scroll down the page. You'll get lost for hours.

Photo of the Day

Out of the 100s of photos that get uploaded every day we hand pick one photo that we feel is a cut above the rest. This photo becomes Photo of the Day for that one day. It's a coveted prize and heavily fought over. The new POTD pages showcases every POTD in chronological order with the same infinity scrolling action that's built into the Our Pick page.

Tide Table

We've been continuing the development of the auxiliary spot pages and this week we're releasing a new tide table page. The old tide page was a mish-mash of surf forecast data and tides because the new surf forecast allows you to view tide and daylight side by side with the forecast we can focus the tide page on one thing: delivering tides and daylight times for, as near as makes no difference, anytime (anytime is Pro only). You've got the option of selecting an exact date or infinity scroll (Pro only).