The Swell Alerts / Storm Warnings API contains short introductions and photos for key swell events and a supporting link for more information.

Our API follows RESTful convention. Querying for information for a location is as simple as calling:



NB. You need the depth parameter to fully access the supporting image information and a limit is recommended to ensure a selection of timely content - although we normal expire warnings once an event has completed.

A typical response would look like:

    _id: 11,
    _obj: "StormWarning",
    _path: "StormWarning",
    title: "Typhoon Kilo Delivers Huge Swell to Japan",
    text: "An almost three week old Typhoon system finally fully impacts Japan bringing giant surf conditions on the back of a season of large, powerful typhoon swells.",
    dateAdded: "1441964524",
    URL: "http://magicseaweed.com/storms/106257/?worldChart=false",
    photos: [
        _id: 10,
        _obj: "StormWarningPhoto",
        _path: "StormWarning.StormWarningPhoto",
        fk_stormWarningId: 11,
        created: 1441964524,
        modified: 1441964524,
        sortOrder: 0,
        images: {
            small: {
            width: 200,
            height: 200,
            url: "http://im-1.msw.ms/md/image.php?key=9c7386e208157c2a2c48e7706f3a7f651b1df687&type=STORM_WARNING&resize_type=STORM_WARNING_SMALL"
            medium: {
            width: 550,
            height: 550,
            url: "http://im-1.msw.ms/md/image.php?key=9c7386e208157c2a2c48e7706f3a7f651b1df687&type=STORM_WARNING&resize_type=STORM_WARNING_MEDIUM"
        full: {
            width: null,
            height: null,
            url: "http://im-1.msw.ms/md/image.php?key=9c7386e208157c2a2c48e7706f3a7f651b1df687&type=STORM_WARNING&resize_type=STORM_WARNING_FULL"

The primary information would be title, description and link. Our terms of using this information are that any implementation respects this link by adding an anchor to both title and image. Photos are resized to the fixed width / height 200 x 200 and 550 x 550. We’d advise against using the full image, neither proportion of overall size is constrained and may vary considerably.