18 of The Most Insane Nazare Moments of All Time — 2022 Edition

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It may be the height of northern hemi summer, but in a few months' time, Nazare will fire up again. We'll see those voluminous mountains of liquid fervour, detonate into the coastline of Praia do North once again and frankly, we can't wait.

And while we wait for Nazare to rise up, now's the perfect time to reflect on just what has made this locale so special. Remember when it launched onto the scene? Cries of it being a mushburger? Meanwhile, Maya and now Sebastian Steutner hold the record for biggest wave ever surfed, both of which were ridden at Nazare.

Did you know we have a LIVE Nazare cam? Stream it HERE.

But it's more than 'the biggest wave in the world'. Some of the most experienced big wave surfers around will tell you how gnarly it is. Like Kai Lenny. Like Gmac and Seb and anyone else who witnesses it at full grunt. Like RCJ who got rinsed into the death zone that one time.

So here's a countdown of the greatest moments ever at Nazare to get you pumped for those behemoth swells.

18) All Those 100ft Wave Claims

The fact is, the 100ft wave has not been ridden. Well, actually, it might have been, see Hugo Vau's wave below... But the rest of those claims are coming in thick and fast after every season as PR companies see an opportunity here to claim 96ft, 100ft waves have been surfed. Are the waves impressive? Yes! But they're not 100ft... yet.

17) Nazare from 1930

© 2022 - Alvaro Laorinho

Almost 100-years-ago, before the thought of surfing was even a thing. Before GMac and scores of big wave hellhounds highlighted the scale of this thing. Nazare was ferocious. And this might be the oldest photograph we've found. Isn't it something? No crowds, no skis, just you and the ocean in its purest form.

16) Pedro Scooby's Ski Drama

Pedro Scooby, December 2017, took one hell of a spill. And the subsequent rescue was pure drama from start to finish. A few months later, Pedro was back on it, charging down the face of Nazare once again. This is heavy.

15) This Hugo Vau Wave and The Scale of Nazare

If there's ever a cut of Nazare that pays homage to sheer scale, to velocity, to the hulking mountain that personifies it, it is right here. In the mist of this shot, Hugo Vau's on this wave. And it is a monster. A true tribute to everything Praia do Norte can throw up.

14) Ross Clarke-Jones in the Nazare Death Zone

And oh, did this make your heart pound right through your chest? Tonnes of experience in the heavy stuff, Ross Clarke-Jones ain't no slouch when it comes to getting out of these types situations. It's all that experience that saved him after being washed into that Nazare death zone. All smiles upon exit. Heavy doesn't quite cut it.

13) Nazare Throws Its Own New Year's Party

While the rest of the world shook off hangovers, Nazare was on a bender and the start of what would be a phenomenal year for big wave surfing in 2018.

12) The Rodrigo Koxa Bomb

November 8 2017, right as the season was getting ready to kick start, Rodrigo Koxa pulled into this colossal Nazare bomb – at the time, we speculated whether it was the biggest wave not just at Nazare but of all time. Of course, the rest is history and Rodrigo smashed the record for the biggest wave ever surfed, measuring a daunting 80ft.

11) Sebastian’s Steudtner's wave in 2018

© 2022 - Helio Antonio.

Sebastian Steudtner's an aficionado when it comes to tall waves, single-handedly taking German big wave surfing and propelling it into the spotlight. He's been chasing swells hard at Nazare for years now. The wave is incredible but it was also amped up because for a time, global media attributed as Rodrigo Koxa's biggest wave in the world. You can read about that here. Like everyone else, we're pumped to see what Mr Steudtner does this season.

10) The Biggest Swell of the Season That No One Could Surf

© 2022 - Helio Antonio.

In the height of the pandemic, surfers were banned from Nazare as stay at home initiatives were rolled out. During that time, on of the biggest swells of the season stormed to shore and unleashed some poetic fury on Praia do Norte, with no one around to see it. Except photographer Helio Antonio, who lives there, and To Cardoso and Laurent Pujol who were shooting a movie. They got slapped with a fine on the way in. But probably worth it for the shots they got. See HERE.

9) Kai Lenny Treats it Like a Plaything

It's Kai Lenny. If this was even 2015 and we witnessed a chop hop on a 60ft wave, it would have been the greatest clip out of surfing in quite some time. The thing that makes Kai more impressive is that he's normalising this stuff. We expect it from him now and that is terrifying.

Bonus, here's Sir Lenny on a critical Nazare nugget.

Bonus, here's Sir Lenny on a critical Nazare nugget.

© 2022 - Tom Bonython.

8) The 10 Days of Nazare

Yeah, alright, it's Kai Lenny again. But look at the perspective of this thing.

Yeah, alright, it's Kai Lenny again. But look at the perspective of this thing.

© 2022 - Helio Antonio.

OK, not technically a moment but hear me out -- it was one of the most spectacular swell events in history a 10-day run of colossal waves and throwing grist to the grinder at Nazare earlier this year. If we're talking about the greatest moments from Nazare, as a collective, this was certainly one of them. We implore you to relive it, HERE.

7) Cotty’s Wipeout

By now, you know this story. Cotty faded on a gigantic wave in 2017, got clipped, detonated, bouncing his way down that huge wave face. Back broken, Cotty was kind enough to lend MSW a few moments on the phone. “I pulled up over a lump. I knew it wasn't going to barrel or that I wasn't going to out run it, so I just hit the eject button and thought, fuck, I gotta get out of this. Then a whole world of pain happened,” he told us. Cotty's all better now of course and back in the ring, but video is worth a recap. He also won wipeout of the year, so, that makes up for it?

6) This Absolute Lunacy

If ever an image summed up scale, power, velocity, difficulty at Nazare, it's this image. Helio Antonio is the master when it comes to shooting liquid mountains. This photograph from 2017, the day Cotty got boomed, is, simply, jaw dropping. And if you want more from Helio, slide on over to his Insty, right HERE.

5) Years of Training and Dedication Pays off for Justine Dupont

November 10, 2019. Justine's been putting the time in at Nazare and here, she could be in with a chance of toppling Maya's world record for biggest wave ever surfed by a woman. We did posit in fact that the French surfer had toppled the record. The jury is still out though, and we'll find out soon enough when the big wave awards announce the winner over the next few days.

4) Cotty's World Record

The world felt this one. Cotty, a relative unknown surfer from Devon, solidified himself as one of the ultimate hellmen when he broke the record for biggest wave ever surfed on February 2 2014. What's interesting here is the approach. Compare it to his wipeout in 2018 and you can see, in four years, how surfing has progressed at Nazare. How the fade has worked itself in.

3) Sebastian Steudtner Sets the Current World Record for Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

Back in 2020, Seb rode through this monster. At the time, it felt colossal -- heck, it still does now of course. And a couple weeks ago, it was officially recognised as the biggest ever surfed, 86ft. That's what dedication will do to a surfer.

2) Maya Gabeira's Wipeout and Redemption

After a wipeout where she nearly drowned six years ago, the Queen of Nazare Maya Gabeira got back in the saddle and now holds the title for the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman (surfed on Jan 18 2018) – it measured 68ft. Maya is unafraid and charging and to shrug off a near-death experience and go as big as this paved the way forward and inspired a whole generation. Truly incredible moment.

1) Gmac's World Record

Ed's note - despite the title of this vid, the wave's not 100ft tall. We can't blame though, the scale was still being set. It was eventually measured at 78ft.

This is the wave and the record that opened the door for all of the above moments, surfed in November 1 2011. Without Gmac pushing the limits at Nazare, putting it on the map, it's hard to know where we'd be now. It was Garrett who mobilised the troops, and continues to do so when the buoys become gigantic. This is the moment that started the movement.

And that's it! Prior to publishing this list, we contacted our man on the ground, and the master Nazare lensman, Helio Antonio, in case there's any we missed. My memory gets a little hazy, but Helio weighed in with a few suggestions and here we are. But that doesn't mean it's a perfect science -- have we missed any? Sound off in the comments below.