16-Year-Old Nazaré Tow Session

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From Sunset Beach on the North Shore, Oahu's 16-year-old Mahina Maeda took on a chunky tow session at Nazare in Portugal this winter.

"I've actually only ever towed twice in my life," states Mahina. "I had two vests on that day, a paddling vest and a regular life vest. So even if I did wipeout I would come straight up to the surface."

I've actually only ever towed twice in my life

This may have only been her second time on the rope but, towed by Garret MacNamara her efforts granted her an entry to the XXL Awards.

"This year I'm planning on training more and getting ready for the WQS season so I will qualify for the real tour, and do a couple tow sessions at Phantoms and Devils Rock."

The commitment Mahina shows in the solid stuff has earned her admission to The Commitment Award as well as being eligible for Session of the Winter. To see the full list of categories and prizes click HERE.

All sessions from this swell are eligible for The Winter Session. The holding period kicked off on Oct 1st and runs through till Feb 2015. To enter download the sting HERE and send your 90 second edit via wetransfer.com to: winter@magicseaweed.com and we'll do the rest.

The Winter Session 2014/15 won by Jeremy Flores

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