21Days: De Souza/Young Ep 2 - Rio Approaching Fast

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With Rio approaching fast, Adriano heads for Indo and Nat scours swell forecasts in search of waves.

When we last saw Adriano De Souza and Nat Young, they were to men basking in the glow of a finals finish at a world tour event. Having won the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, Adriano had media commitments and spent some time with his family. Having placed runner-up at his second event as a world tour rookie, Nat was welcomed home to a very warm reception.

Then, both men started training again. We now find Nat on a tight regime at home, surfing, getting in his zone, and scouring swell charts for possible pulses to jump on. Adriano on the other hand, has been playing a similar game - only without the wetsuit. He's been in the Mentawai Islands, training. Not fitness training, but surf training.

Rio is on the horizon for both men, and as it gets closer, the intensity just goes up and up. Welcome back.

By Elliot Struck

Episode 1 of Nat and De Souza's 21 Days available here.

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