5 Years After Mick Fanning Shark Attack, Champ Seeks To Understand The Men in Grey Suits


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Five years after his J-Bay shark encounter, Mick Fanning has set off on a mission to explore shark conservation, teaming up with experts to learn more about our aquatic buds.

In this new two-part docu, Mick travels the globe to meet with conservationists to investigate the issue of sharks versus as well as discover the latest technological solutions in how to keep both humans and sharks safe to coexist. The documentary will feature the work of leading experts including Dr. Charlie Huveneers, Professor Colin Simpfendorfer, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and renowned shark conservationist Cristina Zenato. To watch Save This Shark for free, go HERE, the vid should be live in the next day. And then visit OutsideTV's Insta account for an interview with Taylor Steele and Fanning. Trailer's below, enjoy.