6 Points to Make You Feel Better About Living Inland


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Living close to the beach isn't just practical from a surfing point of view, it's also a pretty nice environment to live in. Everybody's happy when they're at the beach, there are beautiful people wearing minimal clothes and as much fresh sea air as you could ever wish for. That being said, commuting to the beach isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world.

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Nobody's arguing that from a surfing perspective, living away from the coast is the better option, but there are numerous reasons why, as a surfer, you can still benefit from life in the city. For most of us, living away from the beach is eventually something we all have to endure. However trivial our reasons may be, we attempt to justify that inevitability below.

  • 1. Options

    Living next to your favourite spot is great, but you will get complacent. It's pretty hard to walk away from waves, even if it's better down the coast. Exploration is the essence of surfing, and finding new spots is one of the most exciting elements of the sport. It may not be the most environmentally conscious approach to surfing, but if you have to drive an hour to the coast, in that same time, it's likely that you can get to handful of different options, thus increasing your knowledge of spots and varies your surfing habits. You certainly won't get complacent.

  • 2. Friends

    On the whole, surfers are pretty friendly, talkative people, and surfing presents you with pretty good common ground. Opening yourself up to more spots subsequently exposes you to more potential friends, or at the very least acquaintances.

  • 3. Appreciation

    A sure-fire way to get bored of something is to make it readily available. As trivial as it may sound, if it is an effort to go surfing, you'll no doubt reignite the stoke. Yeah you can get skunked pretty badly – The 4am mission doesn't always pay off. But when it does, and you've made the effort to make your morning commute to the beach rather than the office, you'll be pretty chuffed with yourself.

  • 4. Road Trips

    A commute provides you with the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with you buddies. Car journey's to the coast get you amped up whilst you blast that racket you heard in the latest edit you found on the interweb. During the drive, you can hype up your expectations of your surf.

  • 5. Parties

    Coastal towns don't always have the most exciting nightlife. Towns on the coast that do, usually suffer from a serious case of off-season blues. Once the weather and the surf take a turn for the worse, tumbleweeds start appearing in the place of hot chicks and booze. Away from the fickle nature of tourist orientated coastal towns, lies endless possibilities for year-round social interaction.

  • 6. Trips

    Coastal towns very rarely have airports, let alone with budget airlines. Living away from the coast may enable your surf holidays to go through the roof. You may not be in the water as much as you'd like, but living near an airport may ensure you get your fix of tropical tubes.