7 Surf Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

Surfing Essentials brings you the gear we find invaluable. Here we have top notch products which, heck, you never knew you needed – as selected by our team at the pointy end of product.

At MSW we sell a lot of surfing gear and swerve poor quality product. Inevitably we spend all day chatting to surfers about whether we have managed to achieve that ambition, and this list is based on our own experience and the reports and reviews from you surfers of the gear which keeps on giving.

Ear Plugs

This shouldn't need to be on the list as all surfers should wear them – if they want to avoid a doctor chiselling their ears with a pneumatic drill. Surfer's ear develops if you regularly surf in cool water or in windy spots.

Excellent plugs, expensive, but well worth the money. No water or wind coming in.... highly recommended. Zdenek, EQ Seals customer review

The bones surrounding the ear canal grow and narrow the canal to the point that hearing loss and regular ear infection will occur. It never goes away and will keep returning after treatment. Armed with these facts, it is amazing that even in the office around 50 percent of us don't wear them.

We have seen them fall out and it does appear (unsurprisingly) that even the most expensive brands can be lost in the heaviest beating. It is a question of individual ear shapes fitting some more products naturally than others and there can often be a degree of experimentation involved to find the right pair for you.

EQ Seals, putty, clay from the riverbank, it will probably all stop you getting your ears drilled. Just try not to lose them. See the complete range here.

The Changing Robe

It's a fancy towel really but again there's no longer any danger of upsetting the blue rinsed ladies by parking your bare arse in their window. Graham Cairns, Robie customer review

This might not up your hipster cool factor, think more overgrown hobbit than Dion Agius. But if you get changed in windy / cold / public fields or carparks these are essential for those times hyperthermia is a very real threat. Whilst markedly more expensive than an average towel, it has a secondary bonus of halting the procession of household towels into the stinking wet puddle at the back of the van and could well save your marriage. Scoff away, but wait till you have one, then come back and tell us you have ditched it.

Robie were first, but now everyone does them, including us. It is only a towel after all. The full range is here.

First Aid Kit

These are really popular in the store, and being that guy able to repair the flesh tearing ambition of friends never goes down badly. Avoids that awkward moment when someone's bright and vital lifeblood seeps away whilst you remember that time you almost bought a medical kit.

See the complete range here.

Hand Plane

The amount of lift and drive it gives, despite its size, is freaky! I've had more barrels in the last three weeks with this hand-plane than I've had in the last three years on my board. You suddenly find yourself tucked inside all those dredging, hollow shorey sections which you always thought were unsurfable. Frickin insane little product!Si, Hydro Pro customer review

These little wonders sit in the back of your car and if you happen to pass a little barreling wedge out and about you will find yourself equipped with the correct means to experience how the first human surely learnt to ride the waves.

Even if it is just a 1ft shorey it is a proven truism that getting in the water will improve your day. Plus it helps you fulfil your dream of coming one step closer to becoming the real Malloy.

See the full range here

Power Stroke Bungee

Excellent, these work. I had been out of the water for about a month, used these regularly and hard for a week and then had some small waves last weekend. Expected to have arms of jelly but paddled pretty much non-stop for 2 hours and many, many waves. I would not have been able to do this without the power stroke. I have bought a set for my dad's Father's Day pressie as the old £"$& needs them more than I do.Greenstick, customer review

In putting together this list there was a little you what? moment when this mooted, but the glowing reviews keep marching in for this product. Oh yes, posh bungee cords. And it is true that almost any exercise will make you a better surfer, nothing replcates particularly the act of surfing itself. Following that logic these bands aim to replicate the action of paddling in the comfort of your home. Garnering an impressive 4 out of 5 from 77 reviews this is one product that people seem to dig.

We only keep them in one flavour (Power Stroke) and you can check them out here

FCS Ratchet Tool

"A must have. Standard FCS keys are too small and fiddly. Get an FCS ratchet tool for rapid fixing or removal of fins without risking rounding off your plug ends." Gary, customer review

Your Average Joe FCS key might be a little little fiddly but they do the job. So why would you need this fancy pants ratchet tool? According to the reviews it works with numb hands, saves your screws and enables you to beat your mates to the water, gaining that crucial competitive advantage. Simply the best quality tool for the job.

You can check them out here

A Crazily Strong Wetsuit / Accessory Hanger

Seriously one of the most practical things I ever bought. Keeps your boots open and vented to dry out and minimises the time spent on sorting out your gear before and after a surf. Get one. Fredd, customer review

This stops you breaking hangers and nicking more from the closet. That's one reason. Another is that if space is at a premium and you don't have the luxury of walk-in surf gear drying room then you can hang all your gear in a neat linear fashion. Plus no one has ever figured out how to hang booties effectively before without them falling off and freezing to the garage floor as soon as you walk out.

All our variants of accessory hangers can be found here.

Let us know what we have missed in the comments below. What are your left of centre surf essentials?