£70 Million Worth of Cocaine Washes Up in South West France

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This may scupper your winter break to l'hexagone. Right now, the beaches in south west France have been shut down due to £70 million worth of cocaine washing up along the coastline.

Almost a ton of cocaine bricks have been turning up on the coast this week. On Monday a teenager was caught with five kgs of cocaine at Lacanau, near Bordeaux, and he had come from Toulouse which is about three hours up the road.

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Police have warned people to stay away and not to collect any of the packages. Officials have reported the drugs turning up near Nantes to Biarritz, more than 300 miles away.

Philippe Astruc a prosecutor in the city of Rennes said around 1,920 pounds of drugs with a street value that could be worth millions of dollars have been recovered and the cocaine was especially dangerous, testing at 83 percent purity.

“It’s a very pure product that must not be consumed in this form because there is a very high risk of overdose,” Astruc told the Guardian. “There is absolutely an immediate health risk.”

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It's understood the drugs are from South America, and police are investigating whether a drug traffickers’ boat hit a storm or ran into trouble and released its cargo. The Guardian added: “Local media reported finds of drug packages on beaches in La Rochelle and north of Arcachon, warning that people should not pick them up as they would be running a significant legal risk of a 10-year prison term for handling the drugs.

“French police and customs officers regularly investigate drugs entering the country by sea routes, particularly via ports such as Saint-Nazaire or Le Havre. About 680kg of drugs were seized from a container in Le Havre last week.”