Macking Monday at Ocean Beach

On Monday December 16th Ocean Beach caught fire. Much like surfers, not all beaches are created equal, some are slothful Jabba the Hutts, whilst others might initially look perfect but end up being a total closeout. A rare few shape-up like an Olympic athlete and grow to meet any challenge thrown their way.

Ocean Beach falls in the latter category. When faced with a monster swell it sucks it up like Lance Armstrong in an EPO fridge. Grinding through the gears this beach will produce progressively larger a-frames, whilst at the same time retreating out to sea and creating riverine currents which will eventually quell all but the most adventurous of spirits. Not forgetting the bus sized great whites which patrol the West Coast sushi highway. If you still fancy it then head to San Francisco, you can't miss the peak at the bottom of the street.

In even better news the forecast for Ocean Beach is looking tasty for the foreseeable.