Roka Puta Goes Bananas

The inside section of Roka Puta (Orrua) starts working at 3ft and the outside point stops working at "insert lame excuse here". And guess what, during the height of the Hercules swell it went bonkers. As did Deba next door, offering three sessions in one day. Was this the best of the storm? The perfect intersection of size and power forming endless lines overgrown marvellousness for Iñigo Idígoras, Pablo Garcia and Imanol Yaregui? Who knows, but we haven't seen much better.

Iñigo Idígoras (or Palotes) shapes for Ilussions Surfbords and feels it is his duty to put them through their paces. Alongside Pablo Garcia he surfed the whole day at Roka Puta. "They broke a few boards, two paloniers (tow ropes) and a jet ski" Said Marc Gasso "But nothing stopped them. They went on until the last hour of the day what a special day, you rarely see Roka Puta with this size and quality."

It wasn't just these two out there, Imanol Yaregui, one of the Basque Country's young hoodlums was out there testing himself. "The winter storm Hercules sent some of the biggest and strongest waves Europe I can remember." Imanol told us. "Our coasts suffered serious damage and we lost lives in our country and also France. We also knew that Roka Puta would be one of the spots firing.

"I was looking at the charts and I knew it was going to be 'the' session. I was scared though. The power and size of the waves were unreal. And especially after knowing that the night before the waves had caused serious trouble in San Sebastian, where the ocean flooded into the city streets, the same in Zarautz and many different locations of our coast. However, I kind of felt pretty calm when I first got to Roka Puta that day. It was huge and powerful but the waves looked beautiful. So I decided that it was the day and I wanted to get one of the big sets. Once in the water I saw a big set approaching, I turned back and paddled as hard as I could. The result was one of the best rides of my life so far."

"I felt really happy with the session. It's been a boost of confidence for me. I'm really eager to keep growing. Not only as a surfer but also as a person. This will be my first year as full time surfer and I have many projects and dreams. Let's see if I can get the help of a main sponsor."