A Gold Coast Thrash with Mikey Wright, Jeremy Flores, Zeke Lau & More

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Yes, the tour's long since moved on but such was the quality of surf in and around the Gold Coast Pro, the quantity of clips snagged by the Quiksilver team was at an all-time high. And they couldn't just stick them on a hard-drive relegated to a dusty corner could they?

No. Instead they bring us Gone Tomorrow—a searing Snapper, D-Bah and beyond thrash with the likes of Jeremy Flores, Wiggolly Dantas, Kanoa Igarashi, Connor O’Leary, Leo Fioravanti, Ezekiel Lau, Mikey Wright, Ramzi Boukhiam, Michael Dunphy, Kael Walsh and Zac Wightman. Enjoy.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor