A Month on Cloud 9

The popular lineup of Cloud 9 on the island of Siargao boasts the most perfect right imaginable when lit up by a typhoon swell.

However don't let dependency on typhoon swells cast the idea of inconsistency, for 6 months of the year Cloud 9's swell consistency sits above 80 percent on our 10 year average. Unlike its more widely-covered Atlantic cousin, this corner of the Pacific churns out storms with the regularity of a Henry Ford production line. Typhoons, known as bagyo, are common from June to November and October proved to be an exceptional month with local tube aficionados and stoked visitors sharing a bounty of cyclone generated perfection.

Crucially, the caveat which applies to all storms tolls most loudly within these beautiful islands. This again bares comparison to the Atlantic where hurricanes often fail strike land and those which do are well remembered. Here it is not a case of if but where will the typhoon strike land and how much damage and loss of life will be caused? On average the Philippines are hit by between six and nine a year, and at the time of writing are threatened by Typhoon Haiyan. Already this year Typhoon Nari has destroyed thousands of homes north of Manila, Typhoon Trami flooded Manila, claiming at least 18 lives, and Typhoon Utor slammed into the northern Philippines displacing thousands.