Night Surfing Safi – A Sneak Peek at the San Sebastian Surfilmfestibal

We are pleased to announce that Magicseaweed will be an official partner of the San Sebastian Surfilmfestibal, bringing to the big screen the finest pieces of surf cinema to emerge from Europe this winter. For reasons apparent to all those dwelling in Western Europe, the key theme is storms. Their latest press release provides a taster of what to expect.

April 15 is the deadline for submissions to Surfilmfestibal 12! Now that the storms are over, we'll go through the hard selection process.

This has been the best season in the history of European surfing, packed with wild storms that will be remembered in the eternal and repetitive conversations between surfers. Semi hurricanes have been in abundance that—besides destroying walks, bridges and ports—have pushed the boundaries of big-wave surfing in Europe, enthralling us with huge sessions at Mullaghmore, Belharra, Agiti, Nazaré and other mysto spots.

The first top secret is unveiled: Invasion will be one of our premieres, featuring a group of strange humanoid entities taking on Safi by night. The complete programme will be launched in May, but the key moments will all take place from june 5th to 8th.

Thursday will be Clean Waves Day; Friday to Sunday we'll have film showings at the Teatro Principal; and the music festival, Festibaila, will run through Friday and Saturday, with plenty of concerts and epic parties. We will keep also another secret date in our pocket.

Thanks to the support of Patagonia, who are once again on board for a fourth season, and to all our media partners: Surf Europe, Vice, 3sesenta, Mar GRUESA, Stab and Staf. Magicseaweed has also joined the team. It is a honour to have on board the best European forecaster! Thanks also to the Film Unit of Donostia Kultura and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa for their institutional support.

Invasion documents Axi Munian and Jerome Sahyoun's midnight trip to Safi.

Invasion documents Axi Munian and Jerome Sahyoun's midnight trip to Safi.