A VR, Proximity Party Wave with Steph Gilmore and Rasta

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We can't wait for the release of Taylor Steele's Proximity. The locations, the waves, the pairings and the diversity all those elements pose. (But you can find out more about all of that from Mr Steele himself.)

While we await the online release however, it's the off-cuts and outside experiences from the movie that continue to stoke the excitement. Proximity is more than just a movie, more of an immersive, multidisciplinary experience. There have been and will continue to be art exhibitions, photo books, premieres with the film's stars and virtual reality experiences such as these.

"It's a new way of telling stories and the future of filmmaking," says Taylor about the use of VR. "You're engulfed, you're there physically and you'll feel like you're there with us."

So, share a wave with Steph and Rasta, then try your hand, (or headgear if you have it) with Craig Anderson and Rob Machado below.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor